The latest collection of SAINT HONORE

Available at Geneve Novelties Watch Stores.

SAINT HONORE is proud to make you glamorous and different with the most elegant and elegant collection of the timepieces that gives you the life of luxury and luxury that revives your life with a combination that adds to your elegance without any limits and without restrictions. It is a new start of SAINT HONORE […]

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Latest unique collection of Pierre Cardin pens

Available at Geneve Novelties Watch Stores.

Pierre Cardin release a new collection of unique, distinctive and elegant pens, featuring an unparalleled brilliance. Pierre Cardin pens give you the opportunity to be unique in front of your friends and colleagues. Pierre Cardin will provides you the soft designs from the modern collection of pens and accessories. Pierre Cardin was able to make […]

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New collection of MARC ENZO watches

Available at Geneve Novelties Stores

Geneve Novelties are always keen to have the latest and finest creations of selected collection from  watches, necklaces, earrings, chains, rings, bracelets all of them together to be  in a  perfect harmony; both watches and accessories MARC ENZO creates more beautiful and bright image in the world of fashion. Our sole goal is to present […]

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From Bentley the limited edition for Gentleman
Available at Geneve Novelties Watch Stores in various colors and designs

Geneve Novelties today is presenting to you on of the latest masterpieces of ocean master collection from BENTLEY collection -summer 2019, inspired by the culture and tradition of the European life style and it has been manufactured by ones of elite of designers of the House of Bentley creative, through the design of B logo […]

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